What To Wear With Yellow Plaid Shorts

The best thing to what to wear with yellow plaid shorts are most types of clothing, because yellow plaid shorts basically go with everything. The beauty about yellow plaid shorts is that they are inoffensive and don't clash with anything. If you, as a guy, have the cajones to wear yellow shorts to begin with, then hats off to you! But if you are going to wear such a feminine color, you best wear some macho, guy things with it.

  1. Genuine Buffalo Leather Biker Vest. Since you are going to be wearing feminine-colored, yellow plaid shorts, you had better increase the machismo factor of your outfit in a hurry, and you can do this by donning a leather biker vest, boy! People will think twice about messing with you when they see you walk up to them in this vest, which features the American Eagle, the US Flag and some smart and aggressive biker slogans in choice areas. It also comes with multiple snaps along with lots of laced sides.
  2. Western Buckle Belts. Hold up your yellow plaid shorts with some tough (and much-needed), rough-looking western buckle belts. Featuring manly and masculine designs on the actual belt buckle-like cowboy spurs and cowboy boots!-these belts will make sure that even though you are wearing yellow plaid shorts, you can at least hold them up in macho style. The next time you are strolling down the street, you can now walk as if you own the whole neighborhood.
  3. Men's Air Force A-2 Flight Leather Bomber Jacket. The last item on this list will really make people forgive you for wearing the feminine color of yellow on your plaid shorts. Now, you can look like a real man's man when you sport this bomber jacket, which features a snap storm flap and ribbed cuffs to make you look even that much cooler. This bomber jacket is made with the same, exacting standards that the signature A-2 military version is.
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