What To Wear With Yellow Shoes

Want to learn about what to wear with yellow shoes? For an interesting fashion twist, incorporate yellow shoes into your outfit. It takes confidence and an edge to pull off yellow shoes, but worn the right way, yellow shoes can look very fashion forward and cool.

  1. Don’t Look Like The Rainbow. Since yellow shoes are very bright and will most likely stand out, pair them with less bold colors. Wearing a white shirt with blue jeans or khakis with your yellow shoes can create a very classic look.
  2. Try Complementing Shades. If your yellow shoes are solid with no print, match it with a printed top with prints in a complementing shade. For example you could wear solid yellow shoes with a white tee with yellow print or a solid yellow tee that is the same shade as your yellow shoes.
  3. Add Texture. Adding texture to your outfit when wearing yellow shoes can give your outfit a very hip look. Try wearing solid yellow shoes with a snakeskin belt and plaid shirt. Another classic option is wearing textured yellow shoes with chinos and a crisp pinstripe oxford shirt.
  4. For Evening Wear. When going out in the evening it is still possible to wear yellow shoes and not seem outrageous. Pair your yellow shoes with black pants and a classic yellow gingham tie or skinny tie.
  5. Splash of Color. Wearing yellow shoes with a black and white ensemble can add pizzazz and bring energy to your outfit.
  6. Experiment With Color Combinations. You will never know what looks good with your yellow shoes if you don’t experiment. Try wearing your yellow shoes with blue grey oxford shorts and navy blue stripe polo. The sky is the limit, just don’t go overboard!



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