What Is The World Cow Chip Throwing Contest?

What is the World Cow Chip Throwing Contest? Well, if your instincts tell you that involves throwing cow poop–you would be right. The phrase mud slinging may possibly have found it's literal interpretation in the World Cow Chip Throwing Contest. This annual contest is known as one of America's most disgusting sports and that may be what makes it so much fun. 

Every April since 1970, Beaver, Oklahoma has been the home of the World Cow Chip Throwing Contest. The contest started as a random idea but has progressed into the national and international sport arena. As it's grown a fan base, the contest has brought in contestants from all over the states and places like Japan, Australia and Germany. These foreign countries host their own contests and send the winners to Beaver in hopes that they will win the lucrative title. According to official rules, any sanctioned Cow Chip Throwing Contest held anywhere in the world must use the adopted international arena layout and measurements to qualify any record throw and to be recognized officially.

What exactly is a cow chip? A cow chip is a dried patch of cow dung. Cow chips have been used for hundreds of years in many communities. Early settlers used cow chips to keep them warm during the winter. It an odorless, sootless heat more intense than local lumber. It has been used to fuel campfires, stoves and indoor furnaces.

The World Cow Chip Throwing Contest is a contest like no other, but it has its rules. Here's how it all works. Chip gatherers (yes, it's a job) go through the fields and gather all the dry chips. Contestants must select their own chips from the ones provided. For a chip to eligible to be used in the competition, it must be six inches in diameter. If a contestant alters or shapes the selected chips in any way (unless a loose fragment is removed that does not alter the diameter), the contestant is a given a twenty-five foot penalty.  Contestants may have two chips each and the one thrown the farthest will be counted. If the chip breaks in mid-air during the throw, the piece that goes the farthest is counted. Contestants must be sixteen years of age and are divided into either: Men's, Women's, VIP or a Team division.

The cost for entering the contest is on $35 and applicants are always welcome. If you ever find yourself in need for a thrilling, competitive sport that will provide you with a good laugh, admission to the contest is free. It occurs annually in April and is only found in Beaver, Oklahoma.  May this event teach you that the best joys in life are found in the rarest of places, like dried cow poop.

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