What To Write In Father’s Day Cards

Father's Day is coming up, so you need to know what to write in Father's Day cards. Unlike most other methods of interaction with your father, non-verbal grunts are not acceptable because they don't look good in cursive. Here are some helpful suggestions for what to write in Father's Day cards.

Things you'll need:

  • A Father's Day card
  • A pen
  1. "Happy Father's Day!" This Father's Day card is direct, simple and to the point. Just like dad! It doesn't have any emotional baggage or any substance at all, which means both you and he can forget about it at the earliest convenience. Try and say that doesn't appeal to you.
  2. "Thanks for never hitting Mom!" Most fathers love irreverent and playful humor. If your Dad has ever hit your mom, maybe he doesn't deserve to get a Father's Day card. Unless he's Sean Connery, of course.
  3. "Sports" Dads love sports, so it stands to reason that they would appreciate the word "Sports" written in a Father's Day card. It's an excellent and controversy-free way to start a conversation. Isn't that what it's all about?
  4. "I.O.U." Everyone owes everything they have to their fathers, even if only on a biological level. Without that precious genetic material, you wouldn't even exist, let alone have to worry about what to write in a Father's Day card. Why not show some appreciation and tell the old man you owe him one? On the off chance he actually tries to cash it in, you can just tell him you're busy or something.
  5. "Just Your Name" This is if you're especially comfortable with only saying what you have to. Most Father's Day cards have messages pre-written in the card, so it is theoretically possible to get away with just a signature.
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