When To Ask A Girl Out

It’s too bad that more guys don’t know when to ask a girl out, because if they did they would get rejected far less often. Asking a girl out is more of a complex process than it seems. One mistake and you could get the dreaded “no.” Before you ask a girl out, make sure you know the best time to do it.

  1. Only ask her out when you have some privacy. Asking her out right in front of other people could make her nervous and uncomfortable. It also might make her feel like she has to give a certain answer. Wait until you and she are alone, or ask her if you can talk with her for a minute, take her aside, and then ask her. The request should be made in a one-on-one setting.
  2. Ask her out when you have known her for a while or know her well. If you barely know a girl, or have only known her for a short period of time, you should probably hold off asking her out right away. Give yourself some time to get to know her; this can help you decide what she may like to do on a date, or if you even want to date her at all.
  3. Ask the girl out when you are ready. If you rush into asking her before you are fully ready, things may crash and burn. Wait until you are confident and have a general idea of what you would like to do on the date. Don’t feel pressured by friends to ask her out in a hurry. And don’t constantly worry that if you don’t ask her out, someone else will.
  4. Only ask a girl out when both of you are single. If either of you are currently dating someone, then wait to ask her out. If she accepts your offer, this shows she is a cheater and she may cheat on you; you show her the same thing about yourself by asking her out while currently with someone. If this is someone you feel is truly worth it, break things off with your current girlfriend and then go for it, but be careful because she may not be willing to break things off with her boyfriend for you.
  5. Wait a considerable amount of time after a break up to ask a girl out. If either of you have just been through a break up, you should give things a little more time. Sometimes couples break up and get right back together; you don’t want to be caught in the middle of that. Also, some people need time to cope with things after a break up. Give yourself some time, and if after a few weeks you are sure about it, ask her out.
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