When To Call After First Date

Knowing when to call after a first date is based on the first date. Let’s face it if the first date was a bore, then you won’t want to call at all. On the other hand, if the first date was a homerun romp with a little slut, you may not want to call until you head to the clinic. Knowing when to call after a first date is not a simple thing to do. Call to soon and you seem desperate. If you wait to long to call after the first date then she may have moved on or felt you weren’t interested. The call after the first date has to find the balance between the two and there lies the dilemma. Knowing when to call after the first date revolves round your personal feel after the date. Did you think about her all night, do you feel she thought about you. Was the end of the date a romantic kiss or a handshake? The first date is normally a nerve-racking experience but if you felt a vibe, you need to go with it. This article will provide some direction on when you should call after a first date. It cannot guarantee the timing will always be spot on. Consider the process below and a few tricks and move on your impulse. If she is into you then timing is important.

  1. You’re back at your pad after a nice first date with this really hot chick. She dug you and the two of you shared an intimate kiss at the closure of your evening. You asked her is she would like to go out again sometime. She said, “yes” now what?
  2. The following morning is a definite, no. This is the obvious, desperate or love struck move. You do not want her thinking she has you wrapped around her finger (even if she does). Give the date some time to stew and let her think about you before she hears from you.
  3. On the other hand, a weeks’ wait is a bit much. You want her to thinks bout you sure, fondly and not impatiently. If she begins to wonder if you are ever going to call, some of the edge may flatten out. You want her longing, not wondering.
  4. Give the entire process three to four days. This is a perfect window of time to allow a little reminiscing and chatting you up to her girlfriends. It also will start to border on the “has he called you yet” time when her girlfriends will start to inquire. You are not to eager and not ignoring in this window of time.


  • Things change of course if you work with her. You need to be coy and polite and engage. Still, wait awhile before asking her out again.
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