When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes?

When do kittens open their eyes? This is a particulary important thing to know if you are raising an abandoned kitten. It is also an interesting fact to know to make sure your kitten is on track. 

In a normal healthy kitten, his eyes should start to open around five to ten days. You will notice a small opening and normally it happens to one eye at a time. It takes a few days for both eyes to fully open. Most times when they open their eyes, they have little control and may look like they have an eye problem, but that is normal. The kitten's eyes may appear cloudy at first; this too is normal. The kitten's eyes need time to adjust.

All kittens, just like humans, are born with blue eyes. Their true eye color will not change until they are around twelve weeks of age. Obviously, some kittens do have blue eyes for their entire lives. Mostly the kittens that will have blue eyes are siamese kittens. It has been said that kittens with short fur open their eyes a few days ahead of the kittens with long fur. There is nothing to support this theory, however. You could keep track of which kittens open their eyes first to see if there is any truth in this theory with your litter of kittens. 

It is very important to not try to help the kitten open their eyes. Forcing the kitten's eyes open before they are ready could cause permanent harm to the kitten. 

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