When To Neuter Your Dog

Neutering has many health benefits but do you know how to neuter your dog? Aside from preventing your dog from impregnating a female, neutering can help reduce the risk of perinial tumors, testicular cancer, and the enlargement of the prostate gland. Neutering is more a question of "when" than "how." When to neuter your dog is based on many factors such as age, development and health.

  1. At six to eight weeks old. Neutering your dog can be done as early as six to eight weeks of age. For many years it was thought that neutering dogs at such a young age was not safe but recent studies have shown that pediatric neutering is not dangerous and many veterinarians actually prefer it. As long as your dog is weighs at least two pounds, it can be neutered starting at the age of six weeks old. The good part of neutering your dog at such a young age is the younger puppies often recover faster than the adults.
  2. Between six months to a year old. Many pet owners and some veterinarians still continue to follow the guidelines of neutering your dog between the ages of six months to one year old. Neutering your dog during this time has been followed for many years and still continues to be the most popular age for neutering a dog. Many professionals suggest that you neuter your dog before the age of one year because that is when male dogs are adults and their testosterone levels are increased dramatically and they will begin to express erratic behavior as their need to mate becomes stronger.
  3. Before three years of age. If you haven’t neutered your dog as a puppy or before the age of one year, it is highly recommended that you neuter him before he turns three years old. Even if your dog has not expressed bad behavior associated with wanting to breed, many dog professionals suggest that beyond the age of three is when the most trouble occurs in a non-neutered male. The high testosterone levels and hormonal changes in the male dog at three years of age often builds up to cause territorial and aggressive traits. Not all dogs will become aggressive at three years old but to be safe it is a good idea to wait no later than before three to neuter your dog.
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