When To Wear White Suits For Boys

Knowing when to wear white suits for boys can be complicated. To simplify this common question, recognize that boys will be boys and that it is best to limit their time in white if they are particularly messy or if they will be outdoors. Read on for some examples of when boys should wear white suits, just be sure to look at this from a chronological perspective, as it may not be often that a boy needs to wear a white suit.

  1. Christening. If you are a Christian, then you may choose to wear an adorable white suit for the christening of your boy. White symbolizes purity and often when children are christened as children, they will wear an all white outfit. This is the perfect time for you to get one of the few white suit occasions out of the way.
  2. Baptism. Once your little growing boy decides that he is ready to be baptized, this is another religious occasion when it is common to wear a white suit. However, during a baptism service the participant is submerged in water so the type of white suit would be much more casual than the satin formal suit that they wore at their christening.
  3. Ring bearer. If your little boy has been chosen to be ring bearer for a wedding, this may be an occasion where they get to strut their stuff in a white suit.  The good thing about this suit is that you may only be renting it. That will leave more room in your keepsake box from the white christening outfit that they only wore once. 
  4. Prom. Eventually your little boy will grow into a teenager, he will begin to date and the inevitable prom day will arrive. Depending upon the colors that he and his date chose, he may end up wearing a white suit. This is when you can either splurge and buy a white suit, on the slight chance that he will need one in the future, or you can chose to rent a white suit or tuxedo.
  5. Picture day. The last occasion when a boy might wear a white suit is one that may come any time in between birth and high school graduation. If you like taking pictures, white may be his color. Especially if you are taking winter pictures and want to play off the winter snow theme. 
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