Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

Are you wondering where are Adidas shoes made? Starting in 1920, Adidas shoes were first made by Adi Dassler. Learning to make Adidas shoes happened somewhere near Germany, where they were meant for sports and so that they wouldn’t receive injuries. He also wanted to make the product durable for extreme things such as running, walking and soccer playing. Through trial and error, Adi was able to make one of the most popular brand names in the world today and in the shoe company.  He learned to make Adidas shoes with cleats or spikes that were removable, spikes used for the field and then they were removed for track running.

Adidas shoes can be found in many different countries, his shoes have been all over the world, bought by many and thus bringing millions of dollars to the brand name. Many shoes under Adi Dassler’s name have been produced in China,Indonesia and Thailand; just as any other sports shoes are made. It seems that throughout the world that his shoes are made, and have over come a very large hurtle to get the name that they are today. Adidas shoes were also made before war, used in different Olympic games by tons of athletes, it was said that Adi has made the best shoe out there and caused athletes to win their games, they have made commercials producing this name with todays many athletes such as, basketball players, runners, soccer players and football players. 

Throughout the different countries, there are factories that produce these shoes, better than they were able to when Adi has first started doing it. Since then his shoes have come a long ways and today still holds the best brand name.


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