Where Are Dynex Televisions Made?

Growing demand of Dynex brand is raising the question, "Where are Dynex televisions made?" Dynex televisions are made by a Chinese company that is well known for its advanced technology.

The sole manufacturing of Dynex televisions cannot be attributed to one brand. The majority of Dynex televisions are traded at the Best Buy stores. The representatives of this corporation claim that some of Dynex televisions are manufactured by LG technologies. This has long been under discussion; however no proof exists of that claim.

According to authentic information, Dynex is a generic brand of Best Buy. This means the proprietorship lies with Best Buy. Every now and then an auction is held to hand over production of Dynex televisions. The company or group bidding the lowest gets the project. This is the basic reason why there are so many contradicting views regarding Dynex television production.

Xoceco electronics manufactures a large portion of Dynex worldwide. Xoceco stands for Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics Company. This unit is even now one of the largest and most advanced production companies of the world. China offers products at lower prices due to labor being cheap in their country. Because Chinese merchandise is economical, it has gained popularity and is much more in demand. Dynex televisions are made by Xoceco and then supplied to the world. Xoceco is based in China and has a head office in Huli, Xiamen, Fujian.

There is a common misconception that Dynex company is a collaboration of Magellan Technologies. Though Magellan Technologies has purchased the Dynex Technologies company in Chantilly, Virginia, these two are totally independent groups. Dynex Consumer Electronics, which sells televisions, is not related at all to Dynex Technologies.

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