Where Are Emerson Televisions Made?

Where are Emerson televisions made? Emerson televisions are made by the Japanese company Funai Corporation, which also has a contract with Phillips brand, in the U.S. and Canada.  Emerson Customer Support states that the manufacture location of their televisions varies depending on the model number, the year of manufacture, and which cycle the television was built in.  Some models are built in one facility one year, but then another facility the next year.

Funai Corporation provides quite detailed information through their Funai Global site.  They explain how production and quality are key factors in their Funai Production System (F.P.S.), which is the same system that makes Emerson Televisions.  The F.P.S. employs a flexible production line that allows them to improve productivity as needed.  This system allows them to avoid the typical losses in production whenever upgrades or alterations to production are added as technology changes and improves.  Instead, Funai makes changes along the way allowing for continued and increased production.

Funai Corporation also tries to maintain competitive pricing for their products by avoiding political and/or country risks.  Care has been taken when selecting regions for manufacturing facilities, which includes a significant amount of facilities in parts of China.  Understanding that global politics may affect production, Funai has contingency plans.  For example, if for some reason their facilities in China cannot be used, due to incident or politics, then the production is shifted to a Thai facility.  This allows Funai Corporation to rely on China for production, and decrease potential risk to productivity.  Funai also has a plant in Poland that allows for faster delivery of products in Europe and less time dealing with the import process.

The Funai Corporation owns several manufacturing facilities across Japan, China, Thailand, and Poland where Emerson Televisions and other electronics are made.

The Poland facility helps get electronics made by Funai Corporation get to European countries faster and reduce wait times in customs as well as international shipping taxes. This helps keep the prices competitive.

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