Where Are Samsung Televisions Made?

South Korea's number one manufacturing multinational corporation is Samsung, but where are Samsung televisions made? Samsung which means "tristar" or "three stars" is the largest corporation in the world today with a gross income of 174 billion dollars in 2008. Samsung Electronics is the world's largest electronics company and continues to be the most popular electronics company since 2005. Samsung is also the largest manufacturer of televisions. Samsung Corporation owns Samsung Heavy Industries. This division of Samsung Incorporated, Samsung Heavy Industries Corporation, is the number two biggest ship building company in the world. Samsung Corporation also owns Samsung C&T which is one of the world's largest construction companies.

Samsung Electronics built a television plant in Portugal in 1982. Samsung also invested 25 million dollars and built a television manufacturing plant in New York in 1984. Samsung wanted to increase its share in the world's global economy, so they also invested 25 million dollars and built a facility in England in 1987. Years later, after a joint merger with Sony in 2006, most of Samsung's LCD televisions are now made in South Korea. The two giant corporations of Sony and Samsung cooperated and formed a company called S-LCD. This joint owned company gives Samsung and Sony an endless supply of quality large screen LCD televisions. The joint owned television manufacturing company, S-LCD is co-owned by Samsung and Sony.  Samsung owns 51 percent of the company and Sony Corporation owns 49 percent.

So the next time you are wondering where your Samsung television is made, unless it's a large screen LCD television, your television made have been made in the United States, Portugal or England. You will be comfortable knowing that your Samsung television is a quality made and dependable set. You will also know  that your Samsung television purchase is backed by the largest electronics manufacturer in the world.


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