Where Are They Now: 80’s Wrestlers

Long time wrestling fans may be wondering, where are they now: 80's wrestlers. Just as other things in life, wrestlers come and go. They change their name and persona and come back and then leave again. Week after week, they are hit with tables and chairs, taken over the ropes, and slammed onto the floor. They walk from the ring with blood gushing from their heads, yet they always seem to return. It leaves on to wonder: what do they do once they leave wrestling for good?

Some of the big wrestling names from the 80's have died since we last saw them in the ring. Andre' the Giant passed away in his sleep. Randy Savage died from a heart attack. Rick Rude passed away from a heart attack. The British Bulldogs have met a similar fate. The Dynamite Kid is now in a wheelchair. These athletes entertained us with their size and strength, yet it is more than likely that, their in the ring feats are what killed them in the end. 

Jake Roberts left his snake behind and took advantage of the new WWE policy to send ex-wrestlers to rehab if needed. He still make sporadic appearances on television. Hulk Hogan has kept himself in the spotlight and is still entertaining fans. He appears on “Hogan Knows best” and hosts “American Gladiator”. He now shares his spotlight with his daughter, Brooke.

Hillbilly went from kickin' ass to making his own beef jerky, Hillbilly Jim's Beef Jerky. Early 80's wrestling sensation Ken Patera is now a salesman for industrial suppliers. Steve Blackman owns his own Martial Arts school near Harrisburg, PA. Ivory now works with animals as a groomer. Diamond Dallas Page is now a fitness guru.

These 80's wrestlers have lead hard lives. Some are now living their dreams, while others died before their dreams were actually realized. Whether they are still around today or have passed on, one thing is for sure. They entertained the masses with their high flying moves.

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