Where Are Your Kidneys Located

Where are your kidneys? Your kidneys, along with ever other internal organ, are vital in keeping your body functioning normally. Though it is true that you can, in fact, function normally with only one working kidney, the fact that you have two Kidneys tells you that their job is relatively important.

Your kidneys are the great blood regulators in your body. Your kidneys' main functions are to remove unwanted substances from your blood such as toxins, metabolic waste, excess water, and salts from minerals. They also regulate the acidity of the blood. They filter about 150 quarts of blood plasma on any given day, and it just so happens that they are positioned in the perfect place in your body to do so.

Your kidneys are located at about the mid section of the back part of your abdomen. More precisely, they're located at about the twelve thoracic vertebrae and the third lumbar vertebrae. The kidneys are positioned on either side of the spine. They are no more than four or five inches long and two inches thick. Each kidney has an opening that's concave in shape known as the hilus. Now you may be asking yourself, just how do the Kidneys expel all of that unwanted material in your body.

The kidney gets rid of the unwanted material by passing it nephrons, a filtration tissue within the kidney. After the waste is filtrated, it makes it way, via the renal vein to your ureter. When you feel the urge to urinate, you're in essence, getting rid of that waste that your kidneys work so hard to process.

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