Where To Buy Conflict-Free Diamonds: Boston

Are you wondering where to buy conflict-free diamonds around the Boston area? Jewelers in and around the Boston area are selling conflict- as well as cruelty-free jewelry. To guarantee a diamond is conflict-free, demand proof. Reputable jewelers will have a System of Warranties statement. Addresses and phone numbers of conflict-free jewelers can be found online or in your phone directory.

  1. Jewelry stores just outside of Boston are where to buy conflict-free diamonds around the Boston area. Many jewelers have multiple stores with locations in and just outside of the Boston area. Jewelers will have the certificate to prove the diamond is conflict-free.
  2. Many Boston jewelry stores are where to buy conflict-free diamonds. Both conflict-free and cultured diamonds are available in a large choice of Boston jewelry stores. Some of these jewelers have additional stores in nearby areas for convenience.
  3. Online jewelry stores offer conflict-free diamonds.  A number of online jewelers offer conflict-free diamonds. The company will list itself as a jeweler of conflict-free diamonds on the landing page. These stores are located both in the US and Canada and offer a large selection of conflict-free diamonds. Online stores often have up to thirty day returns.
  4. Jewelry store chains are where to buy conflict-free diamonds around Boston. Many well-known, well-advertised large jewelry store chains have adopted practices to guarantee humane treatment in the harvesting and polishing of diamonds.
  5. Diamond wholesalers will sell loose conflict-free diamonds. You can buy loose diamonds online. Obtaining loose diamonds certified to be conflict-free will be more cost effective through these wholesalers.


Center for American Progress: Congo's Conflict Minerals

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