Where To Buy Conflict-Free Diamonds: Chicago

Are you wondering where to buy conflict-free diamonds in Chicago, Illinois? Conflict-free diamonds are diamonds whose profits are not used to fund wars in places like Africa. Any conflict-free diamonds are also mined under ethical conditions in their countries of origin, and they are not associated with human rights abuses, terrorism, or environmental damage. Below is a list of where you can buy conflict-free diamonds.

  1. Leber Jeweler Inc. A full-service jeweler located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Leber Jeweler Inc., is a business that has focused on obtaining diamonds that originate in Canada’s northwest territories for years. They have been allowing their costumers to buy conflict-free diamonds for quite a while.  Canada is an internationally recognized source of conflict-free diamonds, and Leber was one of the first jewelers in North America to offer Canadian diamonds to clients. This company focuses on ethical practices in terms of all of their jewelry, and they believe in directly supporting developmental projects around the world that pertain to the jewelry industry as a whole. 303 West Erie Street, Chicago, Illinois 60654.
  2. Dené Jewelry. Considered a top jewelry designer, Michelle Dené is know for her beautiful designs and unique jewelry. She is committed to providing her clients with the opportunity to buy conflict-free diamonds as well as fair trade jewelry. Dené works to advocate the use of fair trade jewelry throughout the industry, and works to increase industry standards. 8 S Michigan Avenue #2203, Chicago, Illinois 60603.
  3. Dimend SCAASI. A chic jewelry store in Chicago that offers the experience of a boutique jewelry store at accessible prices. At Dimend SCAASI they focus on providing their clients with a total experience based on great service, and a spectacular product. As a store that only purchases diamonds from respected suppliers, they guarantee that their clients are buying conflict-free diamonds, and they stand behind their products. 5 S Wabash Ave (17th floor), Chicago, Illinois 60603.
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