Where To Buy Conflict-Free Diamonds: Los Angeles

Looking for where to buy conflict-free diamonds in Los Angeles, California? Many jewelry stores in Southern California guarantee their diamonds are conflict-free. Here are some Los Angeles locations that specialize in conflict-free diamonds.

  1. James Allen James Allen Professional Jeweler in Los Angeles guarantees all of their diamonds are conflict-free. They specialize in engagement, wedding and anniversary rings. Consumers can design their own ring with conflict-free diamonds through their official website or in the store.
  2. Beverly Diamonds Beverly Diamonds, located in the heart of the area’s diamond district, follows the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to ensure their diamonds are conflict-free. The company adheres to a strict policy to avoid dealing with “blood diamonds” that are frequently available on the market. Beverly Diamonds offer a wide selection of elegant wedding and engagement rings for all preferences.
  3. Liberty Diamonds Liberty Diamonds has two locations in Southern California. Liberty Diamonds only purchases their diamonds from legitimate sources and is a member of the Stop Blood Diamonds group. Through this, they guarantee that all diamonds sold in their stores or through their official website have been obtained without the force of violence or conflict from other sources. Liberty Diamonds offers a wide selection of jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants.
  4. Mizrahi Diamonds Mizrahi Diamonds is another guaranteed conflict-free diamond jeweler that offers an elegant array of lab certified engagement and wedding rings. This jewelry store also offers a lifetime diamond upgrade, allowing individuals to start with a smaller diamond and work their way up to a bigger one with a fair trade in value.
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