Where To Buy Conflict-Free Diamonds: New York

Do you live in New York and are wondering where to buy conflict free diamonds? Different brand names exist under the conflict free name. When buying a diamond, the diamond is shipped with a Kimberley Process Certification. This should be produced to the person considering buying the diamond. Ask for it if it is not offered. A total of 74 countries including Canada, Russia, Australia and some African countries are producers and are able to export rough diamonds legitimately using the Kimberly Process. These diamonds are shipped in tamper resistant containers. Many wholesale and retail companies exist in the United States.

  1. Where to buy conflict free diamonds in New York? Local, private jewelry companies exist in New York City, Manhattan and Farmington and all have reputable jewelers who sell conflict free diamonds. Appointments may be required so call before visiting the store.
  2. Two large scale, well-advertised jewelry stores with nationwide locations are also enacted policies to stop the flow of conflict diamonds and are willing to guarantee conflict free diamonds.
  3. Where else to buy conflict free diamonds in New York? Conflict free diamonds are also available at online stores. To check for specific stores either use your search engine or your online business directory for a complete list. Many of the websites listed on the online business directory have a link to the company's website. Phone numbers are available on these websites so you can call with any questions you may have before placing an order.
  4. Use your phone directory if you are looking for more locations on where to buy conflict free diamonds. Many smaller companies do not advertise online but will tell you if product is available.
  5. Still another place in your where to buy conflict free diamonds in New York query is – Canadian companies have conflict free diamonds online available to the United States. Some also have a second location within the United States. There are reputable companies who give thirty days for returns, resizes, and exchanges.
  6. Where to buy conflict free diamonds? Using a search engine will also lead to websites with lists of companies who participate in the Kimberley Process.
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