Where To Buy Negative Heel Men’s Shoes

Are you wondering where to buy negative heel men's shoes? Negative heels were introduced in 1957 by a yoga instructor. Buy negative heel men's shoes to incline the toes 3.7 degrees higher than the heel, shifting the weight onto the heel of the foot. The effect is that of walking in the sand—a method used to improve posture, strengthen and tone the body and also burn calories. The shoe also contains arch support for better foot posture.

  1. Nationwide sporting goods stores carry negative heel men's shoes. Top name brands are carried in these stores, though selection is limited.
  2. When considering where to buy negative heel men's shoes, consider online shoe stores. Numerous sites exist specifically designed for footwear. The selection is far greater than in sporting and outdoor stores. Pricing can be half of what is charged in stores.
  3. Outlet outdoor stores are where to buy men's negative heel shoes both in store and online. The selection of negative heel shoes are larger than those at sporting good chains. Pricing is about the same as stores.
  4. Roots negative heel shoes (originally called earth shoes) are popular. These shoes were popular in the 1970's and have resurfaced with a vengeance. The shoes are made of hemp in some cases and use recycled post consumer plastic bottles to compose the linings of many of the shoes. Where to buy these negative heel men's shoes? You can buy Roots online.
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