Where Can You Go Body Surfing In Puerto Rico?

If you are an avid body surfer you may find yourself asking, "Where can you go body surfing in Puerto Rico?" Knowing were to go body surfing in Puerto Rico can be difficult. Puerto Rico is a great place for all forms of wave riding—the water is warm, the air is warm and the swell is consistent—but the amount of shallow reefs make many beaches unsuitable for body surfing. Beach breaks are generally best for body surfing, but some reefs allow riders to go sans board as well.

  1. Sandy Beach. Rincon is the surfing capitol of Puerto Rico, but like most of the island, the area is mostly full of reef breaks. True to its name, Sandy Beach offers shifty beach break peaks that are perfect for the swim fin set, making it one of the best beaches to go body surfing in Puerto Rico.
  2. Maria's Beach. This is the premier spot in Rincon's vast selection of waves. It is a pretty big playing field, and is definitely better suited to the stand-up crowd, but body surfers have tackled it before and probably will continue to do so for many years.
  3. Jobos. This beach, situated between Aguadilla and Isabella, is one of the better places to go body surfing in Puerto Rico for several reasons. The inside wave breaks on a shallow sandbar and is perfect for novice wave riders of any kind. The outside wave will occasionally wedge off the rocks into psychotic little double-up corners, making it one of the better places to go body surfing in Puerto Rico for advanced riders.
  4. Middles. This Isabella reef break is only recommended for very skilled or very local body surfers. When it's on, the wave is often compared to Backdoor on Oahu. For body surfers seeking a challenge, Middles can offer one of the best views on the island—if you can get a wave.
  5. Luquillo. This wave is on the northeast side of the island. It is a consistent beach break that serves up plenty of punch. It is a perfect place to go body surfing in Puerto Rico for riders of any skill level.
  6. Reseca. This is the best place for a loner to go body surfing in Puerto Rico. This decent beach break has no one around. If you can brave the hour-long ferry ride and half-hour hike to the beach, you will have great waves all to yourself. It's a great place to body surf naked. Bring your girlfriend and explore alternate meanings to body surfing and tube time.
  7. Surfer's Beach. Back over in Aguadilla. Not the best place to body surf in Puerto Rico, but it's fairly consistent, fairly sheltered and it breaks over a soft reef.
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