Where Can You Go River Surfing?

Where can you go river surfing? A lot of people would first ask, what is river surfing? River surfing is basically surfing the currents and natural waves and white water of a river. The best part about river surfing is that because of the currents of a river, the standing waves almost never stop rolling, allowing you as much surfing time as you could possibly want. Below are the best places to do river surf in the world.

  1. Munich, Germany, Isar River. There is a yearly river surfing competition here and Germany has produced many accomplished river surfers.
  2. Austria, River Mur. Austria has been a well-known site for river surfing since the late 1990's.
  3. Montreal. Montreal boasts the Lachine Rapids and even has a river surfing school.
  4. Alberta, Canada. Many river surfers can be found in Alberta. A great river is Kananaskis river, specifically a wave called The Green Tongue.
  5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Lunch Counter in Jackson Hole is the most famous and popular place to go river surfing in the United States.
  6. New Zealand. The Kawarau River is a famous spot for river surfing. There is even a commercial river surfing business that runs trips for visiting river surfers. This would be a great river surfing option for a beginner, so you could have help in learning how to river surf.
  7. Skookumchuck Narrows, British Columbia. With standing waves that just keep rolling and rolling, you can do some serious river surfing here. The regulars simply call it the "Skook".
  8. Colorado. Colorado has the Colorado River Surfing Association to help you find the best waves and a solid river surfing community. The best place to go is the Arkansas river in Pueblo, Colorado.



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