Where Do Maggots Come From?

Have you ever wondered where do maggots come from anyway? Well, we’re going to answer the question to the best of our abilities. Maggots are one of those things that everybody is familiar with, but they aren’t all that well understood. They’re also arguably pretty disgusting creatures, but scientists have found ways to use maggots for the betterment of mankind, and they do play an important role in nature.

Essentially, maggots come from flies. Anytime you see a fly, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s either actively producing maggots, or its going to produce some maggots in the very near future. That’s because maggots are the larvae of flies. Basically, even though they look like worms, and they aren’t very cute, maggots are baby flies. Fundamentally, the relationship between butterfly and caterpillar is the same as the relationship between maggot and fly.

Flies actively search for rotting meat and other disgusting things to lay eggs on. If the conditions are right, the maggots hatch and feed on the meat. Then, after a few days, they find a good secluded spot and start the process of changing into a fly. This certainly isn’t appetizing to think about, but they serve a major purpose as nature’s garbage pick-up. Without maggots, bacteria, and other scavenging critters, bio-matter wouldn’t be able to rot, which would cause all kinds of problems. When maggots come from certain kinds of flies, like the screw worm fly, they can actualy be quite dangerous. These maggots will actually bore into a person or animals flesh, sometimes producing deadly results. Luckily, most maggots only eat dead things. 

Maggots can also be used for medical purposes. Doctors sometimes actually place maggots onto wounds to help them heal without infection. They eat away the dead flesh and decrease bacterial activity. This supposedly works very well, and can even save people from having to deal with surgery.

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