Where Is EGR Valve Located On A Dodge Charger

Find out where the EGR valve is located on a Dodge Charger. The EGR valve is an antonym for Exhaust Gas Re-circulation valve. Without the valve working properly, it could cause your Dodge Charger to run poorly. The EGR valve is equipped with a hose that controls it and allows it to open and close to circulate exhaust gas into the combustion chamber of a Dodge Charger.

The EGR valve is located in the manifold of a Dodge Charger. The manifold is usually located deep down in the engine of a Dodge Charger on the right side. The EGR valve is a small part, but it belongs to a much larger system. It connects to three tubes: one tube connects from it to the manifold, then the other two connects from it to the bottom intake plenum on the left and right side. EGR valves are very important parts of a car. They control the efficiency of gas in your car and helps to prevent fumes from escaping out into the atmosphere.

Most Dodge Chargers are equipped with Dual Overhead Cam motors, so it would be difficult to get to. You would have to break down most of your engine to get to the EGR valve for repair or any profound reason. If you plan to get your EGR Valve replaced, then it could anywhere from two hundred to five hundred dollars depending on mechanical prices in your area. There is a quick and fast way to determine if your EGR valve in your Dodge Charger is functioning properly. First, disconnect the valve hose. Once you do that, the engine should come to a halt. If it does not, then you would need to replace your EGR valve.

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