Where To Find 1999 Taco Bell Star Wars Cup Toppers

Do you want to know where to find 1999 Taco Bell "Star Wars" cup toppers? Taco Bell "Star Wars" cup toppers were all the rage back in the day. Like all things "Star Wars," the Taco Bell "Star Wars" cup toppers were no exception. These toppers brought people to Taco Bell by the masses, all for a chance to pick up and collect "Star Wars" cup toppers. Whether you were into collecting them or preserving the "Star Wars" cup toppers for you kids or grand kids, finding them was a challenge.

Try your luck at these places:

  1. Online Auction Houses Yes, everyone has to know about these places by now. There are several auction houses you can go to such as eBay, eBid and WeBidz. Just keep in mind not all online auction houses sell collectibles. Many sell general merchandise, such as what you will find at Overstock.
  2. Memorabilia and Collector’s Online Malls These are specialty shops that allow you to sell outright or on consign your collectible goods. Such places like Collector Online and Toy Peddler are great places to start. The key here is to look for those malls that specialize in collector's items and memorabilia.
  3. Classifieds, Flea Markets and Garage Sales These are great resources. Hit and miss, but still pose a possible gateway to Taco Bell "Star Wars" cup toppers. Check out your local flea market or classifieds. Also remember Craigslist and sell.com are solid choices as well.
  4. Comic Book Shops As a final possibility, a lot of comic shops (online and neighborhood) sell and resell memorabilia and collector's items. Taco Bell "Star Wars" cup toppers certainly fits this description.
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