Where To Find A Members Only Jacket Vintage In Florida

If you are a Floridian who can't get enough of that 80's style, you might be wondering where to find a vintage Members Only jacket in Florida. Members Only jackets, one of the premier fashion statements of the 80's, can be hard to come by. If you live in Florida, there are a few great places that you are likely to come across them.

  1. Check out Angel's Vintage Boutique. Located in Miami, this boutique boasts tons of vintage wear from every decade, including a few Members Only jackets. Pay a visit as often as you can, since new merchandise is received on a weekly basis. This business is located at 4308 NE 2nd Avenue.
  2. Visit the Recycled Blues store. Also located in Miami, this store offers a wide variety of 80's vintage fashion. You should be able to find quite the assortment of Members Only jackets at this location. You can find Recycled Blues at 1507 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach.
  3. Pay a  visit to the Goodwill store. No matter where you live in Florida, it is likely that there is a Goodwill or a Salvation Army store nearby. Visit these stores often and you will probably be able to find a Members Only jacket at quite a reduced price.

As with any vintage clothing you purchase, check out the requirements for washing and drying the jacket before you buy it. Since the Members Only jacket is probably used, you will want to make sure that you can wash it before you wear it the first time. It's also a good idea to try on the jacket before you purchase it. If you keep your eyes open and shop regularly, you should be able to find a great vintage Members Only jacket that will fit your style.

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