Where To Find Men’s Vintage Vest: NYC

Are you wondering where to find men's vintage vests in NYC? Whether you are looking for vintage or vintage-looking apparel, New York City has a number of locations with a variety of outdoor and indoor vests to purchase either online or at a store location.

  1. Housing Works thrift shops. Housing Works operates ten thrift shops in New York City and offers the option to shop online. These thrift shops are a great place to find men's vintage vests. The link below will lead to the Housing Works website; click the location button for the location nearest you.
  2. Vintage Thrift Shop. This store has new merchandise arriving daily, including men's clothing. The store has a mailing list which you can add yourself to at the link below. The store is open Sunday through Friday. Vintage Thrift Shop: 286 Third Ave., New York, NY 10010.
  3. Nationwide clothing stores, such as Original Penguin, may carry men's vintage vests. Original Penguin has has two locations in New York City. While the options are mock-vintage, you can still achieve the desired vintage look.
  4. Local churches often hold church sales annually. Check out local churches as a place to find men's vintage vests and other vintage clothing at a very reasonable cost.
  5. There are numerous places to find men's vests on the internet. Outerwear, as well as sweater, denim, suede and leather in designer names are available for immediate shipping. Do an internet search for vintage vests or any other vintage product you may be interested in.


Housing Works: Thrift Shops

Vintage Thrift Shop

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