Where To Find Star Wars Taco Bell Cups

For the Star Wars collectors who need to have it all, here's where to find Star Wars Taco Bell Cups. First, a little history of the Taco Bell Star Wars cup. In 1997, Taco Bell put a few Star Wars pictures on their cups.  Then in 1999, Taco Bell released four cups in the shape of Star Wars characters.  Finally, Taco Bell teamed up with KFC and Pizza Hut, who made their own four Star Wars cups. All the cups kept together make a twelve piece set of Star Wars collectible cups.

  1. Ebay. Ebay is the go-to website for collectors of anything and not just Star Wars Taco Bell cups. You can always find someone selling Star Wars Taco Bell cups on Ebay, and you can pick and choose who you want to buy from or what items you want to make a bid on. Some people might sell the Star Wars Taco Bell cups together in a set or separately. Some might be in better condition than others, you'll have to find the best ones for you and at the best price. If there are no Star Wars Taco Bell cups being sold on Ebay, you can just check again later.
  2. eCrater. Ecrater is a free marketplace similar to Craigslist, only better and less scary. If someone wants to sell an item at a set price, they can post a picture of it and someone can buy them. Many people will sell their collectors items here because it is free, unlike Ebay. 
  3. Kathy's Fast Food Toys. This online store is one of those where people collect these fast food restaurant promotional toys and cups and then they sell them to people who weren't fortunate enough to purchase them when they were in the restaurant. Kathy's Fast Food Toys has the Taco Bell cups, as well as the Pizza Hut and KFC cups, if you are looking to complete the entire set. The website makes an effort to explain what kind of condition the items are in before you purchase them. Not all of them are brand new mint condition, but most are. Kathy's Fast Food Toys is a great place for any of these Star Wars collectors items from Taco Bell or other fast food stores.



Kathy's Fast Food Toys

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