Where To Find A Used Omega Watch

If you want to know what time it is, it's time to learn where to find a used Omega watch. If you look down at your wrist and you're not staring at an Omega watch then you're doing something wrong. Finding an Omega watch is not the easiest thing to do, but anyone in search of a used Omega watch has a couple of different Options.

  1. Ebay. The best way to find a used Omega watch is to browse around Ebay. You can buy almost anything on Ebay. Just go to the search bar and type in "used Omega watch" or browse through the categories an Omega watch would be in and you'll be buying one in no time. If your lucky you'll have the chance to use the buy now option, if not just stay on the site and keep bidding when times almost up.
  2. Craigslist. Another good place to look for where to find a used Omega watch is on Craigslist. You can try just entering it into the search bar just like you did on Ebay, or browse through categories like jewelry, general, electronics, and accessories. If you can't find it anywhere on the site they also have an option to list that you want a used Omega watch. If anyone has one in your area that they are willing to sell they will contact you.
  3. Pawn Shops. With the way the economy is in 2010, a pawn shop is a good place to look for where to find a used omega watch or anything else for a decent price. Every city should have a couple of pawn shops in it. While you'll be working with a lot less than using the web, you might get lucky and find an Omega watch in one of these places considering most Pawn Shops are thriving in 2010.
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