Where To Find Used Swiss Watches

Where to find used Swiss watches is well worth the effort because the reputation of Swiss timepieces is that they are reliable, unique and are of outstanding quality.  They are meant to last a lifetime, or several lifetimes, when passed down from generation to generation. Swiss watchmakers have toiled for over 500 years to make Swiss watches meticulous in their detail and workmanship. A Swiss watch must have a Swiss movement which is cased up in Switzerland, and the final inspection by the manufacturer must be carried out in Switzerland.

What are the benefits of buying a used Swiss watch? Mainly, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars. The styles remain pretty much the same, so it is not obvious what the age of the watch is. If you deal with a reputable vendor, the pre-owned watch will be completely inspected and any necessary repairs will be made both in the movement and on the case and watch band to restore the watch to its original condition. 

Here are ten recommended dealers when you are searching for where to find used Swiss watches:

  1. Gray & Sons Jewelers has been a certified pre-owned watch and estate jewelry specialist for over 30 years. Their used Swiss watches are restored, certified to function just as if they were new and have at least a one-year guarantee. They also have one of the world's largest selections of pre-owned Rolex watches.
  2. Swiss Wrist is an online watch expert with their specialty being Rolex watches. They offer the lowest prices for these prestigious watches.
  3. Hal Martin's Watch and Jewelry is one of Houston and the Southwest's premier companies and is one of the USA's largest sellers of famous Swiss watches. They also specialize in finding rare timepieces. 
  4. Trebor's Vintage Watches' specialty is restoring and refurbishing antique timepieces. If a part needs replacing, the watchmaker will replace it with a new original part if possible, or find the part in another vintage movement or make the part by hand. 
  5. World of Luxury offers authentic designer watches at substantial discounts. With clients all over the world, their luxury 100% genuine timepieces are competitively priced. World of Luxury is also an eBay Power Seller, which means they are held to the highest professional standards. 
  6. The TimeKeeper prides itself on helping their worldwide customers acquire fine timepieces. They are the official website for Ideal Watches and boast of friendly service and the most attractive prices possible.
  7. Capetown feels that a pre-owned fine watch is the best buy. As one of the premier vendors of Swiss timepieces in America, they provide a watch that looks like new and even has a limited lifetime warranty. Their primary sources of used watches are customers who trade in or trade up, estates, private parties and jewelers. No expense is spared when they refurbish the timepieces
  8. Swiss Elite Watches has dealt with fine timepieces for more than 30 years. Their previously-owned and vintage watches are quality controlled to be delivered in excellent working order and have a six-month warranty. 
  9. A & E Watches prides itself on having extraordinary merchandise and customer service. They feel that a Rolex timepiece is a remarkable monetary investment that can be worn, collected or displayed. Their three full-time certified watchmakers completely service the watch and issue a Certificate of Authenticity. They also offer you a chance to take the watch to your own jeweler to verify its authenticity.
  10. Darlor Vintage Watches fully restores each timepiece and can repair your antique one as well.  Their certified watchmaker uses original watch parts, and the watch comes with a guarantee.
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