Where To Find Vintage Armitron Digital Sports Watches

You may want to know where to find vintage Armitron digital sports watches if you want to find one like you wore years ago. Armitron started making digital watches in the 1970s. You may have to search for awhile before you find vintage Armitron digital sports watches that are over 30 years old. Even if you do find a watch that old, it may no longer work as well as it once did due to its age.

Things you'll need:

  • Internet access
  1. The first place to look for vintage Armitron digital sports watches is the internet. Use a search engine to search for the year and model of the Armitron watch you want to buy. If you are able to locate a seller, ask him to provide you with some close-up images of the watch, so you can see what kind of shape it is in.
  2. Do not buy an Armitron watch unless you are certain it is in good condition. Have the seller provide you with a written statement that says the watch works as advertised. You may even want a vintage Armitron digital sports watch to be appraised at the seller’s expense if you are nervous about buying it.
  3. Look on an online auction website. You may be able to find a few vintage Armitron digital sports watches to bid on. Make sure you only bid on a watch that is being offered by a seller who has a good reputation. Check the auction website to verify that the seller is in good standing before you place a bid.
  4. Contact Armitron customer service for help. Ask a representative if they know where you can find vintage Armitron digital sports watches. You can also browse through Armitron's website to find some phone numbers of retail Armitron watch vendors you can call to help you locate a vintage watch.
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