Where Is The Fuel Relay On A Land Rover Discovery?

Where is the fuel relay on a Land Rover Discovery? Land Rover owners often wonder how to locate their fuel relays when the engine does not light up. The fuel relay is also responsible for cutting off the fuel supply in case of a collision.

To understand the location of the fuel pump relay, it is necessary to know the function and purpose of the fuel relay in your Land Rover Discovery. Locating the fuel relay is a frequent troubleshooting technique because it is usually easy to access by any owner. The most common fault rendered by a faulty fuel relay is that the car has trouble starting.

In a Land Rover Discovery, the fuel relay is a compact unit no bigger than two inches across. The two sides of the fuel relay are connected, one with sprockets and the other joins the relay with the engine. The fuel relay comes in use only when an engine ignites. The basic function of a fuel relay is to start the fuel pump and set it running. This is only done when the fuel relay detects the engine coming to life. If something goes wrong with the fuel relay on a Land Rover Discovery, the connection between engine and fuel pump is not established. This means the Land Rover Discovery will take longer to start or not start at all.

Fuel relays on a Land Rover Discovery are commonly located under the steering unit, near the dashboard, and are enclosed in a box. Fuel relays function best when located near the steering unit or the engine thermal wall. To locate the fuel relay, lift the floor carpet of a Land Rover Discovery to locate a wooden lid. The fuel relay rests there, enclosed in a box. Sometimes the fuel relay is found near the brake unit. Some North American Land Rover Discovery models have their fuel relay resting under the back of the passenger seat. All of these locations are more or less in the same area.

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