Where Is Rose Bowl Flea Market Parking?

The Rose Bowl Flea Market, or the self proclaimed “world's most unusual” flea market, offers plenty of finds, but where is the Rose Bowl flea market parking? The Rose bowl Flea market boast over 2500 vendors and with that many sellers you know there will be a crowd. Parking at the Rose Bowl Flea Market consists of various locales.

Rose Bowl Flea Market commences at, you guessed it the Rose Bowl, home of the January 1stCollege Football’s Rose Bowl and many other events throughout the year. Sunny Pasadena California is this flea markets home, which attracts up to twenty thousand visitors per month. There is a rich history with the Rose Bowl from the time of its inception in 1921 the Rose Bowl has been rich in Americana, including Rose Bowl Flea Market. The Rose Bowl Flea Market has over forty years of history. This monthly gathering has become and icon in California and a draw for many Hollywood stars. With such a tradition and image to uphold, parking is not an issue for the vendors or patrons of this event.

Parking for the Rose Bowl Flea Market is located on the Rose Bowl grounds. Just south of the entrance is the VIP bus parking reserved for shoppers bussed in for the shopping spree. Reservation for VIP bussing is through the Rose Bowl Flea Market office. Additional VIP parking is located just east of the bus parking on the grass parking lot. Parking is also available just west of the stadium in the parking lot next to west drive and across West Drive. Parking is also to the east along Rose Bowl Drive and just across Seco Street, and easy of Arroyo boulevard.

There is plenty of parking located onsite at the Rose bowl. This will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and leave more dollars in your wallet to spend it on what you came to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in the first place.

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