Which Is Best For Burning Fat: Walking Or Running?

Do you know which is best for burning fat: walking or running? Some individuals say that running does not burn as much fat as walking because it tires you out. Running does seem to put a strain on the heart and cannot be done as long as walking, right? Wrong. There are many mysteries about running, but the the focus on burning fat will be explored for the sake of deciding which is better for your routine of fat loss. Running is a very beneficial part of a workout regimen. Anyone who is serious about burning fat should try to incorporate running into his schedule. Walking is good, but running is better. Hit the road!

  1. Running does speed up the heart. The heart is a muscular organ which pumps blood to all parts of the body. When running, your heart rate increases, which increases your blood flow. The body is heated internally, thus burning vast amounts of fat. The only problem with this is that heart rate should be closely monitored to avoid having a heart attack.
  2. Running can be paced. If you learn to pace yourself when running, you can train to have more endurance. Endurance is how we continue for longer periods of time and burn the maximum amount of fat. When expending vast amounts of energy up front you are setting yourself up for a burn out, which is when your body has no more energy to burn. At this point, the session is over.
  3. Running speeds up metabolism rates. There are many benefits to running. One such perk is that the metabolism is increased. Not only does the body burn more fat while running, but the after-effects are amazing. Even long after the physical activity is finished, the body continues to burn fat with an increased metabolism. Over time, your metabolism will adjust to its new rate and remain as efficient as right after the work out.


Vanderbilt University

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