Whip A Dirt Bike

You enjoy riding your dirt bike across a track and now you feel ready to learn how to whip a dirt bike. This simply means as you approach a hill or jump on a motorcross track, you then want to jump up high and then turn your bike a full 360 degrees and land safely. First thing you must do is practice a lot of simple jumps over a hill and land safely before you do stunts. Once you feel comfortable with the basics then all you need is a good jump area, a dirt bike and our step-by-step instructions down below.

  1. Make sure you have a clean line to jump. Whether you just made a turn or hopped over a few tiny bumps you must now have full focus of the jump area. This small mound you be in good control in how to whip a dirt bike safely.
  2. Lean on the bike as you approach near the top of the jump. Stand on the balls of your feet with your buttocks off the seat. This is important step if you want to learn how to whip a dirt bike.
  3. Lean on the inside of the bike once airborne. This takes practice so it's recommended you start out slowly when you attempt this move. Keep the bike at a nice level.
  4. Steer into the whip. About this time your bike should be at the very height of the jump. Turn the handle bars toward the left is how you learn to whip a dirt bike properly.
  5. Come down nose first. When doing a whip on a dirt bike you don't want to come down on the back end of the back. So be sure you have spotted your landing area and are leaning forward nose first onto the other side of the jump.
  6. Turn the handle bars straight to the direction you're heading. The back wheel of the bike should still be up in the air but you're heading straight down. How to whip a dirt bike is one fluid motion so it requires good control while you are airborne and when you touch down nose first.
  7. Both feet planted on the pegs. It's important also that your knees are in. This ensures a smooth landing.
  8. Landing straight and you can now sit back on the bike. You know have both wheels on the ground and are steering in the direction you want to go so you can relax. As you learn how to whip a dirt bike remember to take it slow, keep it as one fluid motion and land safely always in control of the bike.
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