Whirlpool Washer Troubleshooting

These Whirlpool washer troubleshooting tips help take care of simple problems that interfere with wash days. Whirlpool makes washers of various quality levels and also models, but there are a few troubleshooting checks that you can use on your Whirlpool washer to discover the location of the basic problem. That's not to say that you have the expertise to actually fix the problem, but many common washer problems are so simple a child can do it. 

  1. Check the door lid. Whirlpool washer troubleshooting starts with a basic check of the washer lid. If the door fails to shut all the way, the wash water fills the tub and that's it. The cycle stops until the lid is firmly latched. There should be a catch that allows the washer mechanism to tell if the door is closed. Open and close the lid a few times to see if this starts the washer. If your Whirlpool washer is one of the rare washers that isn't washed off daily and dusted, you may have a problem. In other words, the majority of washers have this problem at one time or another when dust bunnies get down in the lid mechanisms. If slamming the lid doesn't work, go all out and get out the sweeper to suck out the lid latches. 
  2. Check the washer dials. Unless you're compulsive about cleaning your Whirlpool washer, the dials eventually build up some dust. While you have the vacuum sweeper out, pull off the washer knobs and suck out all the dust. The knobs should come off fairly easily, but don't crank on anything on the Whirlpool washer that appears to be firmly attached. Just sweep around the knobs and use an attachment to get up under the dials. 
  3. Reload the clothes. Simply throwing the clothes and detergent in and starting the load doesn't mean success in laundering, even with a flashy Whirlpool washer. Clothing needs to be put in the wash drum in an organized way. If the washer stops with water in the drum or midway through the wringing cycle, there may be a balance problem with the clothes. Turn off the washer before putting your hands in the washer, or you may get a really big wash day surprise, and then put the clothes back in as you balance the load. Put a heavy piece on each side of the washer drum and add the other dirty clothes in an even arrangement on top. 
  4. Look at the plug.  Another basic Whirlpool washer tip is to look at the power plug. Sounds like a ridiculously easy troubleshooting tip, but you'd be surprised at the people who pay good money for an appliance repair person to come out and unplug and replug the electric power plug to find the washer start right up again. Avoid the embarrassment and make this troubleshooting procedure one of the first five things you do. 
  5. Check the washer footing. The feet of the Whirlpool washer has screws that elevate and lower the washer to even out the machine. When things go seriously wrong with the load balance, the washer sensor also becomes touchy. It may become so touchy, depending on the amount of the wash load problem and how long the clothes wrenching went on, it simply turns itself off. The fancier the Whirlpool washer model, the more chance you've done it wrong in failing to follow basic directions. Check the footing to make sure all of the feet are even, and unscrew some to even things up.
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