White Bass Fishing Tips

These white bass fishing tips will gill you the edge when you’re pursuing your favorite white bass. White bass are not only fun to catch, they also put up one heck of a memorable fight! Catching white bass can be easy to do with the right fishing tips and time on the water. So if you’re ready to catch more white bass, then grab your rod and hit the water with these tips!

  1. Sharpen your hooks The first tip to catching white bass is sharpening your hooks. Having sharp hooks will not only help you to catch more white bass by keeping them pinned longer, but it’s also a great way to fight-off cabin fever. All you need to sharpen your hooks is a quality hook sharpener and your hooks. To sharpen your hooks, begin by touching up the point with your metal file. Make sure to sharpen each side of the point (under the edges, near the barb, on the front, etc.) until the hook is razor sharp. To check the sharpness of the hook, lightly drag the tip on the top of your nail’s enamel. If the hook scratches the enamel or catches on the top of your enamel, then you’ve successfully sharpened your hook!
  2. Use a variety of lures Lures such as spoons, jigs, and live bait are stand-by baits to use for white bass year-round. Yet, other types of lures will be successful in your pursuit of white bass. Don’t make the mistake of using the same types of lures over and over in your pursuit of white bass. Instead, consider using a wide-variety of lures that include the aforementioned baits along with crank baits, jerk baits, spinners, etc. By using a wide-variety of lures, you’ll not only expand your chances at catching more white bass, but may even luck into catching other species!
  3. Fish at the best times While most anglers don’t have the opportunity to pick and choose when they can fish, fishing at “prime times” will drastically increase your chances at catching more white bass. White bass and other species of fish tend to feed the most during prime times. These prime times include moon rise, moon set, sun rise, sun set, and changing weather patterns. Typically, any change in the weather or light will heighten your chances at catching more white bass. By fishing around these periods, you’ll have a better shot at catching more and bigger white bass.
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