Whitney Houston Arrested

Ever wondered about Whitney Houston arrested? has she, or hasn't she? The answer is, of course not! Yet, many people who know the troubles Whitney Houston has had over the years just assume she has been arrested.

Whitney Houston is a very talented singer and actress, who has faced some personal demons along the way, but she has never been arrested. Though her ex-husband Bobby Brown has been. But when her husband was arrested Whitney put herself into drug rehab. Whitney has since admitted to at least using cocaine and marijuana, and often together. She seems to have experienced the majority of her drug abuse while still with ex-husband Bobby Brown.

Whitney Houston has admitted that she was dependent, or addicted, not only to drugs, but to her then husband Bobby. Because of her dependency on Bobby, Whitney Houston heavily struggled to get free from her drug addiction. When she was done filming the hit movie "The Bodyguard," also starring Kevin Costner, and recording the movie's huge hit soundtrack album, Whitney found herself falling back into her drug addiction.

Eventually it would be Whitney Houston's mom that helped her to get treatment for her addiction. After going through drug rehab, Whitney Houston has really seemed to be working on staying clean and sober. Apparently she is also working on a comeback in her music career.

With that kind of history, Whitney Houston is probably lucky that she never got arrested for her drug abuse. Here's hoping Whitney Houston stays on the right track!

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