Who Created Google

"Who created Google?" is a common question. It is, after all, only natural to wonder who founded the largest internet company in the world. Looking for more information on who created Google and the brief story that accompanies Google's history?

The creators of Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-founded Google while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University, where they met and became friends.  Page and Brin both had impressive backgrounds in computers and mathematics, which sparked their interest in a search engine. 

How Google was created. In January 1996, the two future co-founders of Google theorized that there is a better way to rank search results on the internet. Instead of counting how many times the term appeared on a page, Page and Brin developed a technology that looked at the number and importance of pages that linked to the original site. This developed into further versions that elaborated on search engine rankings, which would come to be known as Google. Google was registered under the current domain name in September 1997 (after running under Google.Stanford.edu).

Current status. Page and Brin are currently valued at $19.8 billion and have been universally recognized for this accomplishment. For instance, in November 2009, they were named the fifth most powerful people in the world, according to "Forbes" magazine. They regulargly appear on "richest person of the world" lists and have accumulated other awards, from academic and cultural institutions.  Both remain in high positions at Google.



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