Who Invented The Car?

Though we all use cars and other vehicles to get around this world, many of us have never heard the story of who invented the car. It turns out that many of us have probably at least heard his last name and some of us may even be driving around in one of his namesake cars. Karl Benz, from Mercedes Benz fame, is credited as the creator of the automobile. However, that’s not where the story actually begins. Leonardo Di Vinci actually had a design for horseless transport vehicles. These concepts had been viewed by many people over the years and eventually there were many different varieties of vehicles that were created.

The very first vehicle to be created was steam powered and was created by a man named Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in 1769. It was created for the French military and was meant to carry officers around the battlefield, as opposed to a horse. The vehicle only had three wheels and was famed for burning the bottoms of the French officers who used it, as the steam was being pumped right below the seat. The invention was soon replaced by the horse, which never burned the people who rode atop them.

The next iteration of the car was an electric vehicle, created by Scottish inventor Robert Anderson between 1832 and 1839. The basic idea behind it was a carriage with an electrical motor that turned the axel and was powered by non-rechargeable batteries. It could reach speeds of about five to ten miles per hour downhill. No matter how crude the device was, it has been credited as the very first electric car in human history.

Then came the first gas powered engine, which was invented by Karl Benz. This invention was later named the internal combustion engine and was pioneered by Benz. This is the reason Benz is created with the invention of the ca  because almost all modern day cars are created in his prototypes image. The car was a three-wheeled vehicle with a four-cycle engine. This primordial car was created in 1885 to 1886 and was patented in Germany.

Eventually the car became an oddity and soon made its way to the rich and elite in America. Most people of the time simply believed that this new invention was a passing fad, but much like television, this passing fad took hold of the imagination of the American. Soon the Industrial Revolution and Henry Ford mass produced the automobile, and the car craze of the world began. Soon after everybody had to have a vehicle and it became so synonymous with social status that the thought of not having a vehicle is something many people cannot contemplate.

The invention of the car has made the world a mobile place and we all travel to and fro all over this world while incased in the metal boxes with explosives under the hood and this is all possible by the man who invented the car. Karl Friedrich Benz, the inventor of the internal combustion engine, and the inventor of the modern day car, but lets not forget the geniuses who came before him and helped to create something we now take for granted. So the next time there’s a trip to another state, think about how different life would be if it wasn’t for this amazing invention.


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