Who Invented The Refrigerator

Although knowing who invented the refrigerator isn't at the forefront of our minds, knowing this bit of history gives respect to a person who had a tremendous impact on our modern day lives. Not only do we use refrigerators to keep our food from spoiling, but it is also used in hospitals and medical laboratories.

Inventor Jacob Perkins invented the refrigerator in 1834. He lived in London at the time and patented the use of a cooling system created with evaporation. He invented the refrigerator based on the knowledge that the temperature of a liquid can be lowered enough to created freezing inside a box. During his lifetime, people used ammonia to cool refrigerators. As we now know, ammonia is a dangerous ingredient to use in the refrigerator. Although Perkins is the inventor of the refrigerator, his invention has been improved upon over the years. Ammonia is no longer used because it's toxic when inhaled.

Mass Production Some old-timers still call refrigerators using the brand name Frigidaire because the Frigidaire brand was one of the first popular mass produced refrigerators. At the time, people who honed the workings of the refrigerator were using Freon. It is likely that Perkins would have been proud to see how his invention evolved with the use of a mechanical cooling system.

Modern Day When it was first invented, people cooled food in wooden boxes. We now use steel to keep the coolness in. Imagine what the person who invented the refrigerator would think if he saw an ice-maker in our modern refrigerators. 

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