Who Invented The Telegraph?

There is one question that baffles some: who invented the telegraph? This question can be confusing because there are so many versions of the telegraph. The word "telegraph" means a machine that can send messages long distances via technology. Telegraphs usually send codes that must be solved by the receiver. One of the first instant forms of communication, the telegraph reshaped the correspondence of everything from war to love. While letters took days to send and receive, the telegraph could send and receive messages instantly.

Beacons, reflected light and smoke signals, were the earliest forms of telegraphs. The very first telegraph system was coded by a French man Claude Chappe in 1792. His telegraph system used optical telegraphs such as smoke signals and reflected light, and was decoded by receivers using the semaphore network. These type of telegraph communications required good weather, and could deliver messages faster than horseback messengers. The most prominent telegraph was not invented until 1809 in Germany by Samuel Thomas von Sommering. This design of this telegraph was electrochemical, used multiple wires for letters of the Latin alphabet and could send messages for miles.

Although Sommering invented the first electrochemical telegraph, Samuel Finley Breese Morse made many improvements to it, invented the most popular form of telegraphy and created the best electric telegraph. In 1832, Samuel Morse began researching telegraphy in hopes of inventing a less complicated model. Telegraphs in 1832 still used several wires, but there were a few models in Germany with only five wires. Clock-work gears and home-made batteries were used by Samuel Morse to build the first working electric telegraph between 1832 and 1837. People used the "sound read" code system named "Morse code" that was invented by Samuel Morse.

Many people can be accredited to the invention of different types of telegraphs, but most of the public agree that Samuel Morse invented the finest telegraph system that was used for several years. Sommering and Chappe invented the very first forms of telegraphy, so they deserve accreditation as much as Samuel Morse. These three men helped shape the modern world of communication.

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