Who Is Johnny Depp’s Girlfriend?

The legions of women who swoon over actor Johnny Depp want to know, who is Johnny Depp's girlfriend? The lady in question is Vanessa Paradis. The French singer, model and actress has been dating Depp since 1998. Not only can Paradis call herself Johnny Depp's girlfriend, she is also the mother of his two children, daughter Lily-Rose Melody, and son John Christopher. 

The lovely Paradis began modeling and singing in her home country at a young age. Today, this French beauty, and arguably one of the most envied women in the world, is also the Chanel model. Paradis still releases music. Her last album "Divinidylle" was released in 2007.

Before becoming Johnny Depp's girlfriend, Paradis was linked with Lenny Kravitz and John Boorman. She met Depp while filming "The Ninth Gate."

Following the birth of their children, Paradis went back to her successful pre-Depp acting. singing and modeling careers. In addition to her music career which has been successful in her home country of France, Paradis has continued her acting career. She has starred in French films including "Mon ange" (2004), "La clef" (2007), and "L'arnacoeur" (2010). Additionally, Paradis is the voice of "Aeroports de Paris" in its advertisements, and is the spokeswoman for the fashion line Miu Miu.

Depp and Paradis share residences with their children in Hollywood, CA and on a farm in the South of France. They also own apartments all over the world, in Paris, New York City, and the Bahamas.



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