Who Killed John Lennon?

Although there will always be questions surrounding his tragic death, who killed John Lennon has never been a mystery. The man who killed John Lennon lingered at the scene of the crime until he was arrested.

Later identified as Mark David Chapman, the man who ultimately killed John Lennon loitered around the Lennon’s New York City apartment building for a few days before the shooting. To the casual observer, Chapman may have appeared to be just another fan hanging out in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Lennon. In fact, Chapman had an album autographed by Lennon as he left for the recording studio for the last time. Upon Lennon’s return a few hours later, Chapman crouched in the entryway of the apartment building and fired five shots, four of which struck Lennon. Chapman shot and killed John Lennon. He was then arrested in front of the apartment building.

At the time of his arrest for having killed John Lennon, Mark David Chapman was carrying the autographed album and a copy of “The Catcher in the Rye” on him. Although some people have looked to these items as clues to Chapman’s state of mind when he killed Lennon, his motivations remain the subject of much speculation.

Some facts about the man who killed John Lennon are clear. Chapman was a twenty-five year old security guard at the time of the shooting and his arrest. He was from Georgia. He was married and lived in Hawaii. Chapman has since stated that working too many night shifts, drinking and a desire for attention was what led him to develop his plan for the murder over the course of approximately three months. Although he has also stated that he wavered and tried to resist carrying out his plan and claiming the fame he desired, on the eight of December, 1980, he became the man who killed John Lennon. 

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