Who Is Nick Jonas’ Girlfriend?

Who is Nick Jonas' girlfriend? Seems like the Jonas brothers are always in the arms of a girl or getting the attention of more than a few. It's hard to keep track of all the female attention they get.

Many of the younger generation of teens, preteens, some college students and people who know someone who is a preteen or teen know who Nick Jonas is. He has had no shortage of girlfriends over the years. He's got the hair for it and the face, and the rock-star status doesn't hurt. But surprisingly, for the time being he isn't steadily dating anyone. Nick Jonas' girlfriend was Selena Gomez for a while. And they are on-and-off all the time. Lately, they are off. He was linked to Miley Cyrus for a while a couple years ago, and they are long split up. But there is always a door of opportunity for both of them to be Nick Jonas' girlfriend again.

Nick Jonas is single for now, and doesn't seem to mind. People thought Nick Jonas' girlfriend was his pretty co-star from the new hit show that he and his brothers are on, but they claim to be just good friends. Who knows? Nick Jonas' girlfriend just might be his cute co-star from the show in six months. But for now, if Nick Jonas' girlfriend is the gal from his show, they're keeping quiet about it. On the other hand, Nick could fall for another celebrity or regular girl he comes across over the next couple months.

Nick Jonas' girlfriend in six months could be anyone. He is playing the field for the time being. One frustrating thing he has to deal with is that being naturally friendly, always around girls, and a celebrity, he is easily assumed to be possibly dating anyone, even if a paparazzi photo captures something innocent.



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