Who Owns Cnn?

If you have ever watched the channel, you may be wondering: "Who owns CNN?"  Launched in 1980, Cable News Network (CNN) has become one of the most popular news channels in the United States. 

Owner of CNN.  CNN is technically owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS).  This means that, unsurprisingly, CNN is owned by Ted Turner, who of course founded and owns the collection of cable networks.  Today TBS owns many channels domestically and internationally, along with many popular websites (such as SI.com, NBA.com, etc.).

Ted Turner.  Turner is the man behind TBS and thus CNN.  His net worth is upwards of $1.9 billion, and has been known for his philanthropy. He gave $1 billion to create the United Nations Foundation.  Turner is also the former owner of the Atlanta Braves, a team that you can appropriately see on TBS quite often.

CNN today.  Today CNN is one of the most widely-recognized news sources in the United States and globally.  It has many specialized channels, such as CNN International, as well as outlets in certain countries (Turkey, India, Japan, etc.).  It's the first 24-hour channel to provide all-news coverage in the United States.  From having the only coverage of the Challenger disaster in 1986 to being the first to break the September 11 attacks in New York City, CNN is certainly a significant news station, both yesterday and today. CNN is a prized possession for TBS and Ted Turner.

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