Who Owns Youtube?

If you ever visit Youtube, you may ask yourself who owns Youtube? The famous video site where you can “be yourself” has had a couple of different owners, and has a history that is pretty basic for a business, and doesn’t involve as much drama and legal issues as, say, Facebook. Keep in mind that no matter who owned Youtube before is irrelevant now; Youtube only has one true and unmatched owner.

It all started in February of 2005. Former Paypal workers named Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim started working on a website where videos could be posted by any and every one with an account. Interviews of these original owners of Youtube show that the founders wanted Youtube to be a “flickr; but with videos”.  Youtube got its first major break in October of 2005 when Nike created a video to post on Youtube. This advertisement featuring Ronaldinho was the first instance of a company exploiting the advertising potential of Youtube, and subsequently the video went viral on the internet.

After Youtube gains many more views, its highest under the original owners being the evolution of dance with 131 million views, the three original owners decided to cash in in October of 2006. The biggest search engine and one of the fortune 500 top companies, Google, bought out the rights for Youtube for a measly 1.65 billion dollars. After the buyout, Youtube continued to increase greatly in views, including famous  events such as the presidential debates, Susan Boyle gaining popularity, and the hundreds of videos posted on the site that went viral all over the internet. So while Youtube has only had two owners, its legacy will continue to grow with all of the new videos being posted daily on the site.

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