Why Am I Always Hungry?

Ah, the age old question of"'why am I always hungry?" Why are you? Well, there could be lots of reasons for one to stay hungry all the time. It all depends on the type of lifestyle that you lead, the diet and nutrition that you consume, and many other health factors. This article will go over some of the basic reasons why many stay hungry all the time even though they eat all the time. Grab a sandwhich and continue reading to figure out why you have hunger pains constantly.

Make sure that you are not just thirsty. The feeling of dehydration can sometimes mislead people to think they are hungry, when in fact, they might just need a glass of water. To ensure that you are not just thirsty, try to drink eight glasses of water a day. If you aren't able to drink that much, just have one glass of water and wait 30 minutes to see if your hunger goes away.

Sometimes, you are just bored. Many times, especially among smokers, the feeling of hunger could be just because you don't have anything else to do. This is why many people who stop smoking gain weight. The actual activity of doing something constantly is just a habit. If you are very bored and get hunger pains, you may just need to get up and take a walk outside. Chances are the hunger will go away.

You may not be consuming filling foods when you do eat. Many people make the mistake of snacking on junk foods, or even eating unhealthy meals daily. When people continue with this lifestyle, they are not consuming the right amount of nutrients needed to make you full. Instead, you are filling up on carbs and empty calories. Soon after consuming these foods, you may be left hungry again. Aim for high protein low carb foods and vegetables.

Hormones may be to blame. Males and females can have hormone inbalances that throw off the metabolism and can cause you to be left with hunger pains many times throughout the day. It's best to examine yourself. Take into consider your emotions, stress and other surroundings when you start to feel hungry again. It may be that you are just stressed or that the hormones in your body are the cause of your hunger pains.

If the hunger strike continues, you may want to consult with a doctor. There are other serious causes of extreme hunger including thyroid issues, parasite and chronic fatigue symdrom. It would be best to advise a doctor on what methods and actions should be taken in cases of extreme hunger, even after eating.

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