Why Dating Actresses is a Bad Idea

Believe it or not, dating actresses is a bad idea. In fact, it’s a terrible idea. You might get fifteen minutes of fame (as well as a few more "private" benefits) but you’ve got to think about the negative consequences, too. Hollywood isn’t all glitter and gold. So, here are a few things to consider before you go looking for a silver screen starlet to spoon with.

First and foremost, just take a second to think about why your past relationships have turned out to be awful.  What’s the one word you keep coming back to?  Drama. Girls create drama and drama creates horrible dating experiences that leave you sitting at bar trying to forget the sound of her voice.  And what do actresses specialize in?  What do they devote their lives’ work to?  What are they more passionate about than anything in the world?  Drama!  Dating actresses is a bad idea.  Enough said.

Secondly, your relationship won’t last.  You might be thinking, “It doesn’t need to last.  I just want to experience the limelight for a bit.”  Once you find yourself sitting by a pool, drinking $400 champagne, staring at your gorgeous girlfriend in her designer bikini, though, you won’t want to give it up.  Unfortunately, that’s the Hollywood way of life. Relationships with normal people never last, and at the fast rate that celebs live their lives, your relationship is on the fast track to doomsville. Do yourself a favor and think about the future before you talk yourself out of the fact that dating actresses is a bad idea.

The most unfortunate consequence of dating an actress is that when your relationship does end (which it will), you’ll end up looking like an idiot in front of the whole country.  There’s no telling exactly what will be your demise, but the humiliation you’ll have to endure will surely outweigh any elation you feel during the short-lived fling.  Maybe a sex tape of you two will get leaked on the Internet.  If you think having the world see you in a sex tape wouldn’t be that bad, take a look in the mirror.  Turn around a few times.  It’s bad.  One way or another, you won’t just get pushed out of the spotlight.  You’ll get shoved of the cliff of stardom and take a painful plunge into the sea Hollywood humiliation.

It’s undeniable that dating actresses is a bad idea.  Just ask the thousands of poor shmucks who dated celebrities and got kicked to the curb before they could say “Enquirer.”  Don’t know where to find those guys?  Exactly. 

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