Why Dating Models is a Bad Idea

No matter how smoking hot a girl may be, there are a few reasons why dating models is a bad idea. Sure, having a model as a girlfriend is something all guys dream about doing, and it will make your friends look up to you, but there are plenty of reasons why dating models is a bad idea.

Why dating models is a bad idea:

  1. High maintenance. Hot girls don't just happen; they require a lot of maintenance to look so good. One reason why dating models is a bad idea is all the work they have to go through to look so hot! They have to get their hair and nails done, go to the tanning salon, get their makeup done, and they always wear expensive clothes. Models are some of the most high maintenance girls you can meet.
  2. Too Needy. Models are used to getting a lot of attention. They NEED to have the spotlight on them all the time. If you date a model, you better get used to accommodating her every need and feeding her ego.
  3. Other guys want her. An important reason why dating models is a bad idea is that you will constantly be dealing with other guys hitting on her. Everywhere you go, you'll have men checking her out, making lewd comments about her, or getting in your face to get her attention.  Do you really want to deal with all the other men that will be vying for her attention?
  4. Low self esteem. All models have either have low self esteem, or they think to much of themselves. The majority of models have very low self esteem, which means they tend to be jealous, possessive, and clingy. This is another reason why dating models is a bad idea. 
  5. Thinks to much of herself. On the flip-side of having low self esteem, some models think way too much of themselves. She may think that she is THE most beautiful woman in the world, and that no man is good enough for her. When this happens, a woman tends to be more compelled to cheat and think that she is above all the rules. 

There are, of course, exceptions to the rules, but in general, models do not make good dating material. Before you decide to go after a hot model, consider all of the reasons why dating models is a bad idea. 

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